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Strengths in Circles cards – Sue Roffey and Russell Deal

Discover what many indigenous communities have known forever: sitting in a circle with others and establishing simple, respectful guidelines for communicating might just be the most effective solution-finding technique ever invented!

The Circles approach to groups and teams is safe, respectful, democratic, inclusive and strengths-based. Each Strengths in Circles card contains a building block for putting Circles into practice – in schools, teams, organisations and communities.

42 cards arranged into 6 suits based on the ‘ASPIRE’ acronym:

  • Agency
  • Safety
  • Positivity
  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Equality (since renamed as Equity)

Each theme names 7 key values that can be discussed, interpreted and considered for adoption as ground rules by any group. Watch the dynamics of the group evolve within the sphere of these values!

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‘I wholeheartedly recommend this card set, particularly to educators. I hope it will find its place in schools to give guidance and focus to the strengths advocated in this incisive and exemplary resource.’  Bill Rogers PhD, educationalist