Sue is currently working on:

Things recently done and delivered or published

  • 2017: Sue Roffey: ‘Young people’s wellbeing within schools: Student voice and agency’, in Julia Hardy & Charmian Hobbs (Eds.), Using qualitative research to hear the voice of children and young people: The work of British educational psychologists (pp. 83-93). Leicester: British Psychological Society
  • the handbook to accompany the new Strengths in Circles cards developed with St Luke’s Innovative Resources
  • a book chapter for Supportive Teaching – a book in Danish!: English translation here
  • Building a case for whole-child, whole-school wellbeing in challenging contexts, in Educational and Child Psychology 33 (2) Published
  • a book chapter – Young People’s Wellbeing in Schools: the work of educational psychologists – for Hearing the voice of children & young people (Julia Hardy & Charmian Hobbs – eds) – delivered
  • a book chapter on Positive Relationships at Work for The Wiley/Blackwell Handbook of Positivity and Strengths Based Approaches at Work (Lindsay Oades – ed) – delivered
  • a book chapter for Positive Psychology Interventions in Practice (Carmel Proctor – ed) Delivered
  • materials for training courses for rolling out the Aboriginal Girls Circle ideas around Australia