Events and courses in blue are (or will be) available for booking: those in black are for specific institutions by invitation only.


23-24 March 2017: Circle Solutions Train the Trainer, Sydney

4 April 2017: Strength and Solution Focused Approaches for Classroom Management, day 2, Sydney, AISnsw

28 April 2017: Being an Agent of Change for Wellbeing, University College London Educational Psychology trainees

12 May 2017: Educational & Child Psychology editorial board meeting, University of Strathclyde 

7-9 June 2017: ENSEC conference, Stockholm

12 June 2017: Introduction to Circle Solutions, Covent Garden, London

13-14 June 2017: Circle Solutions Train the Trainer, Covent Garden, London

13-16 July 2017: IPPA 5th World Congress on Positive Psychology, Montreal